(Maximum Entropy)



PIT (Probability Induction Tool, Software and Theory)


PIT is a probabilistic reasoning system which provides decision support under incomplete and uncertain knowledge.

Dr. Manfred Schramm created the PIT software and a book/script on the theory behind it.


The PIT software (re)implements the theory published by Manfred in his doctoral thesis:

Indifferenz, Unabhängigkeit und maximale Entropie:
eine wahrscheinlichkeitstheoretische Semantik für nichtmonotones Schliessen

(english translation of title: Indifference, Independence and maximum entropy: probablilistic semantics for non monotonous deduction).

Manfred later more formally elaborated and extended the theory in an unfinished book (the "script", which has 2000+ pages).
He did not change the software at that time any more (apart from some formal syntax changes).


Manfred lived from 14. September 1957 to 16. April 2015.

Manfreds work is published here under the terms of GPL 3 open source license,
so his work may continue to live on without the one who created it.

See the contact page for his collaboration contacts and organizations which work in the same domain.
See impressum page for contact to inheritor of Manfreds scientific work who published it under GPL3 license.


Maximum Entropy is a method to make a canonical choice from multiple fitting probability models:
choose one with maximum entropy (resp. minimal information).

Here is a link to a general article on probabilistic resoning, that I would have sent to Manfred: